Wildlife and Weed Issues

Duckbill Check Valve onyx valve

The design of the Duckbill also makes it much safer for wildlife. When closed the Duckbill is inaccessible to wildlife meaning nothing gets trapped.  The one-way flow is also a real advantage in the war against invasive species of plant life.  Having control over the various water-based plant life is a real problem for all waterways, and this battle increases the maintenance need for outlets and pipes.  If the pipe or vent gets blocked by weed growth, the function is impaired which could lead to water, slurries, sewerage or sludge backing up the pipes or causing structural damage.  Where there is water there is growth – it is the perfect environment. Again the Duckbill comes into its own, as the sealed one-way valve is protected from such issues and the flow is therefore never obstructed.

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